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In 2014 I started writing about cinema for Jot Down Magazine, a prestigious culture publication from Spain, and from 2015 onwards I mainly did interviews with filmmakers, which can be read here. My other pieces can be read here: Jot Down and Miradas de Cine (only in Spanish).

Pawel Pawlikowski

The Oscar-winning Polish filmmaker talks about his last masterpiece, Cold War, with which he won the Best Director award in Cannes, and sheds some light about that combination of formal rigor and poetic beauty that makes his films so special.

1412063102861_0570x0379_1412063116810 ed
Isaki Lacuesta

In a long and friendly chat, we submerge with Isaki Lacuesta into his extraordinary film Entre dos aguas, follow-up to his already legendary La leyenda del tiempo and winner of many accolades, including the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Jaime Rosales entrevista Miguel Faus Miradas de Cine
Jaime Rosales

The winner of the Goya award for Best Picture discusses his latest film, Petra, after presenting it in Cannes and San Sebastian, and leaves us with thoughts as powerful as this one: "the artist advances like a blind explorer who doesn't know the path he has to take. We don't advance with certainties, but tentatively, through trial and error." 

Olivier Assayas entrevista Jot Down
Olivier Assayas
William Oldroyd Lady Macbeth entrevista Miguel Faus Miradas de Cine
William Oldroyd

The British filmmaker explains the secrets of his fascinating debut feature, Lady Macbeth, which won the Fipresci award at the San Sebastian Film Festival and the European Discovery award of the European Film Academy (EFA).

Ulrich Seidl Safari entrevista Miguel Faus Miradas de Cine
Ulrich Seidl

Director. Screenwriter. Producer. Voyeur. Misanthrope. Cynic. Social Pornographer. Provocateur. Pessimist. Humanist. All of these tags have been used by critics to define this Austrian filmmaker, who discusses here his latest controversial documentary, Safari, which was presented at the Sevilla European Film Festival.

Oliver Laxe entrevista Jot Down
Oliver Laxe

"The main question that every filmmaker asks himself, be it consciously or unconsciously, is how to capture the mystery with moving images" - says Laxe in this very long Skype interview from Morocco to Barcelona about his most recent mystery, Mimosas, with which he won Best Film at the Critic's Week in Cannes.

Whit Stillman entrevista Jot Down
Whit Stillman
Francois-Ozon-01 editado.jpg
François Ozon

François Ozon faces the giant Ernst Lubitsch in this unusual (and extraordinary) remake which adds layers of complexity to the marvellous original: The Man I Killed (1932). We sat down in San Sebastian to talk about the audacity of such a project.

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-07 a las 12.
Albert Serra

"Thinking you are superior to your own work, or even the author of your own work, is the first symptom of decadence". This is one of the many illuminating thoughts that fill this interview with the enfant terrible of Spanish cinema.

Gianfranco Rossi entrevista Jot Down
Gianfranco Rosi
Alberto Rodríguez entrevista Jot Down
Alberto Rodríguez
Terence Davies entrevista Jot Down
Terence Davies
Jonás Trueba entrevista Jot Down
Jonás Trueba
Pedro Costa entrevista Jot Down
Pedro Costa
Terence Davies entrevista Jot Down
Terence Davies
Isaki Lacuesta entrevista Jot Down
Isaki Lacuesta e Isa Campo
Alfonso Gomez Rejon entrevista Jot Down
Alfonso Gómez-Rejón
Sergi Perez entrevista Jot Down
Sergi Pérez
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